Frequently Asked Questions

Panorama Garden Tours

Patting the animals

As we are a wildlife sanctuary, our aim with the animals is to keep them as much in the natural habitat as possible. For this reason they are not restricted to cages and can roam where ever they like throughout the property. They are also not tame and cannot be interacted with or patted.


Garden restrictions

In the gardens no picnicking, no BYO alcoholic beverages, no pets, no swimming, no skateboards, no rollerblades/skates and no pushbikes are permitted.


What days are you open?

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday


What hours are you open?

Tours are at 11.00am


How long does the tour go for?

It takes approximately 2 hours to see all the gardens.


How many gardens are there?

There are 19 separate gardens.


How far is Panorama Garden Estate from Melbourne.

We are locate approximately 1 hour from Melbourne.


Do you take group bookings?

Yes for groups of 15 or more.


What is your address?

We are located in Boneo on the Mornington Peninsula.
You will be emailed the exact address by email when you book.


Tours are by appointment only.
Please bring walking shoes, hat and sunscreen.
Umbrellas supplied
Tours may be cancelled due to bad weather.


Peninsula Hot Springs Day Tour

What are your opening hours?

Open from 7.30am to 10pm daily with the exception of Christmas Day. The Bath House is open from 7.30am to 10pm (with last bathing at 9.45pm) and the Spa Dreaming Centre is open from 9am to 9pm (with last bathing at 8.45pm).


How do I find Peninsula Hot Springs?

Located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and our GPS address is 30 Springs Lane, Fingal VIC 3939.


Is Peninsula Hot Springs family-friendly?

Yes it is. Children are welcome to enjoy our family bathing area in the Bath House all day every day. Before 10am children are also welcome to enjoy the Bathing Gully and Hilltop pools. After 10am, the Bathing Gully and Hilltop pools is reserved for guests 16 years and older. All spa treatments can be booked by adults 16 years and over.


Do I need to book in advance for treatments and/or bathing?

Bookings are essential for all treatments and bathing in the Spa Dreaming Centre. We recommend booking well in advance as treatments can be fully booked four to six weeks in advance. If you have greater flexibility, consider booking a treatment mid-week. At peak times (Friday to Monday inclusive, school and public holidays), our Bath House pools can also be very busy. During these periods it is essential to pre-book your preferred bathing time online. Online bookings are free of any service. Book Online Here


Can I wear street apparel in the pools?

No, swimsuits are required in the bathing areas, rash vests and boardshorts are acceptable. The mineral-rich water may discolour swimwear. Bathing suits and thongs are available for purchase on arrival. Street apparel such as jeans and cargo shorts are not acceptable items to be worn in the pools.


Can I bathe whilst pregnant?

We do not recommend bathing in the hot mineral pools during pregnancy, as the body requires no further heat or stimulation. Fully immersing your body in the warm water will raise your body temperature, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.


Where does the water come from?

The hot mineral spring waters flow from an aquifer 637 metres below the surface. The 50 degree celcius water rises under its own pressure through the bore to within 10 metres of the surface, from where it is pumped to the pools.


How hot are the pools?

Pool temperatures vary from 34 to 42 degrees celcius.


What minerals does the water contain?

The water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others. The gentle aroma comes from the sulphur content. Read more


What are the health benefits of bathing?

The water is classified as a “Sodium Chloride Bicarbonate Spring” (Na-C1.HCO3). According to the Japanese Health Authority, the therapeutic benefits of bathing in this type of thermal mineral spring are said to include the alleviation of neuralgia, bruising, breaks, articular rheumatism, stiffness of the shoulders, skin diseases, recovery from fatigue, infertility and muscular complaints.


When are the quietest times to visit?

If you’d like a more serene experience, consider visiting Tuesday to Thursday before 11am. Bathing in the Spa Dreaming Centre is recommended for those who enjoy quiet solitude. You can also book a private outdoor mineral bath for guaranteed serenity.


Should I still visit if it’s raining?

Many people ask us whether they should visit when it’s raining and the answer is yes! It’s superb and very special in the rain; while your body is immersed in the warm thermal mineral water, rain drops refresh your face. Some pools are also sheltered by a canopy of foliage or completely undercover in the case of the cave pool.


Is it OK to visit in summer or on a hot day?

Yes, we cool down some of our pools during summer. These pools will vary in temperature, depending on the weather. This will allow you to stay cool throughout your summer visits. Signs will be placed next to the selected pools, and various pools will remain filled with natural thermal mineral water as normal. There will be more cool pools available on hotter days for a cool change while soaking up the sun.


How are your pools kept clean?

We take the hygiene of our pools very seriously and as such, our pools may be the cleanest you will ever encounter. The pools are closed and drained every night at 10pm before being scrubbed with chlorine and rinsed by our team of pool hygenists at midnight. At 6am, our pool supervisors begin filling the pools from an underground reservoir over 600 meters below the surface. When it reaches the pools, the thermal mineral water is at a temperature of 45 degrees celcius (113 degrees farenheit).
During the day, fresh thermal mineral water flows constantly into the pools maintaining the warmth and cleanliness. Each pool has its own fresh water supply and the pools are not connected to one another. The outflow from each pool is piped to a holding tank from which it is pumped through carbon filters and then back to a separate underground reservoir 520 meters below the surface to maintain the water table equilibrium and minimise the impact to the environment.


Can I bathe or have a treatment if I or a friend have cancer?

We recommend that you obtain medical advice from your oncologist before entering the pools or having a treatment, to ensure that it is suitable and recommended for you. On arrival at Peninsula Hot Springs you may be asked to sign a waiver form.